Own the City’s name and the exact search!

Offering RockyPointMexico.com domain for a limited time at a wholesale rate!

The Best possible use of this domain is as an “Information/City Portal” site.

  1. Build
    this as a separate site along with what you already have established.
     Then run RockyPointMexico.com as a perfect marketing and lead portal.
  2. Market everything you can to grab all opportunities, opening a funnel to all markets for your business/project.
  1. A reservations business will funnel all reservation traffic.
  2. A real estate referral business will funnel all real estate traffic.
  3. An insurance business will funnel all Insurance traffic.
  4. A general Information desk will funnel all Rocky Point Mexico traffic.
  1. Use the city’s name to steer traffic to your business/project with added Trust.

Research other Web “City Portals” in existence:





https://www.lasvegas.com/  (sold for 90m)

  • There are 59 Rocky Point cities worldwide, with only one Rocky Point Mexico.
  • How many times have you seen this hashtag?  #rockypointmexico  (Free Advertising!)  
  • How many times daily is Rocky Point Mexico spoken/written?          (Free Advertising!)
  • What is the lifetime value of owning the #2 exact internet search name for Rocky Point Mexico?
  • Customers visiting Rocky Point Mexico, visit the internet first and while in town.
  • Are billboards in town, with thousands of chaotic signs everywhere, really worth it?
  • Your Business & Its Brand will be synonymous with Rocky Point Mexico.
  • What is the ROI after 5 years?  10 years?  20 years?   (It’s an Asset).
  • Is any of your advertising an Asset, or is it all an Expense?

Thank you for your time.  Please contact me with a bid or any questions.

Greg Searfoss   602-622-6900