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Thank you for visiting Rocky Point Mexico’s Directory,  first of all the English adopted name for Puerto Penasco is Rocky Point Mexico. Puerto Peñasco actually means Rocky Port but you know us gringos. Maybe…probably in the 1920s during prohibition, Al Capone gave it that name. Consequently Al Capone would frequently visit Rocky Point Mexico. There is still remnants of his establishment in the entry of the Old Port. That was back when you could easily catch shrimp the size of a Lobster that would fit a dinner plate.
Rocky Point also was founded in 1927, with the elevation of 32 ft and a population of a little over 63,000. The road from Rocky Point was built by the United States during World War II because we needed a road to get to the Sea of Cortez. Consequently Rocky Point Mexico was the closest access to that ocean and Rocky Point Mexico has a deep enough port. Seems like this is another reason that the cruise ships have decided to make Rocky Point Mexico a main port.
Rocky Point Mexico used to be a quaint little fishing Village and is now a large growing Resort City in the Gulf of California also known as the sea of Cortez. This wonderful little city is mostly sand in contrast to California’s mostly blacktop and concrete. Therefore if you want beach, there is plenty to go around.
Furthermore the weather is great in Rocky Point Mexico!  Whether you stay in a Hotel, Condo, Resort, R.V. Park or whatever real estate you choose:  The Rental will be very very close to the ocean and filled with sounds of Puerto Penasco Mexico!  You and your family can all rally around the news of how delicious the food is and affordable restaurants are in this wonderful city is for your next vacation!  So grab a map and your passports (travel I.d card is good) and enjoy Arizona’s favorite beach! The easy drive is roughly 212 miles away from both Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.  Thank You for visiting Rocky Point Mexico’s Directory.