Advertise Free

Rocky Point is pleased to Announce Free Advertising to our great city! is offering all business operators in Rocky Point a spot on our site! This site will be built specifically as an information site for Visitors and Locals alike! We welcome all business to advertise with us for Free!

Just Send us an email with The Link of your Website and we will copy a portion of it here and link that picture to your Website (or anywhere you tell us).

If you have no website then send us your logo, pictures and, what you want us to say, and remember your address, phone number and a contact information. We’ll post it up for you as soon as we possibly can and email you when we are done!

If you need pictures taken and words written for you just let us know and we’ll get to it as soon as physically possible.

Our goal is to promote Rocky Point Mexico and your prosperity in the process!

Simply Fill out the form below. We will contact you by email with questions or when we are done. Feel free to leave specific comments below. Our goal is to support business and Rocky Point Mexico!