Rocky Point Mexico For Sale

Why buy a Large Condo in Rocky Point Mexico,

when you can own the whole city for the same price?

“The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn’t have that url.”

HomeAway Founder and CEO Brian Sharples (why he bought for $35,000,000.)

How Much Money will you lose or gain with the City’s Name/Brand?

  • Why would the Founder and CEO of HomeAway, Brian Sharples, make sure that his competition would not have the Domain?
  • What would happen if your competition had the domain?
  • How much money is made on beach front undeveloped land?
  • Owning this Web domain is like owning Vacant Beach Front land. What’s more expensive to build? Condos or a Website? Which is a better return?
  • Is developing a large brick and mortar building more cost than to develop a website on this domain? Think about this one very carefully.
  • how much would it cost to develop that land? How long? what would the % be of the return?
  • How much money will you end up saving on Advertising over the life of your business?
  • How much money will you lose if your competitors end up with the City’s Name.
  • How much credibility will you have with the City’s Name as a part of your business model?
  • Once this domain is sold the chances are that it is gone forever. Will you regret not buying it now?
  • Cost of this domain is the cost of a condo. Will it’s revenue be far greater than a condo?
  • What is the return of a website on for your business after a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years…50 years?
  • This is a legacy investment that will make your initial investment seem like pocket change.

Own the City’s Brand, You Own the City.

  • Own the Exact Top #2 Phrase searched and Exact Search Keyword  “rocky point mexico”.
  • Own a piece of (The Lion’s Share!) of all internet traffic for all Rocky Point Mexico’s markets!
  • Own some of the best possible Advertising ROI.
  • When you own, you own 100% of that exact search phrase for all internet traffic. What is the ROI after 1 year?  2 years?  5 years?…  20 years?
  • Let your Marketing Cost be an Appreciating Asset and not an Expense!
  • This Domain is a Digital Real Estate and Asset. It means your investment will increase in Value over time.
  • Own the City’s Brand (80+ years old).
  • Make your brand synonymous with the city’s name and brand.
  • This domain says you’ve made “the” investment, and are serious about your business.
  • Own the names and you instantly become Memorable, increase Trust and Credibility.
  • Own the Unbeatable advantage over your competition!  (Visitors and residents will say Rocky Point Mexico when they talk about the city, that is free continued ad repetition!)
  • Every person and Every business in this city will eventually say your domain name.  (That’s continuous FREE Advertising and Branding!)
  • Brand loyalty & advertising through the subconscious!  How many times will your customer see/hear the name you own, “Rocky Point Mexico”?

Ask Yourself:

               “What if my Competitor’s Brand is synonymous with the exact names of  the City?”

               “What if I own these domains instead of my competitor”?


  • Puerto Penasco offers a Unique Opportunity with 2 Well Known Names for close to a Century: Puerto Penasco and Rocky Point Mexico!
  • Own  Then all you have to do is post A site, advertise it, somewhere in the top 5 (being first won’t matter with this name!).  You will then own the Entire City’s Markets.  Continue to grow your site as you grow and eventually advertising becomes practically FREE!
  • The first search engine results page receive almost 95% of web traffic, leaving only 5% for remaining search results pages.  The average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page.
  • If your web name doesn’t even come close to matching the search name, then is it worth advertising?  (#1 search is “puerto penasco” & #2 search is “rocky point mexico”)

Look at the Number of Unique Visitors with a basic website with zero promotion on Google was able to receive by just having the Ultimate Name: Rocky Point Mexico.

Price Comparisons

Here we use actual market valued sold prices and divide that number with‘s calculator for domains, to assist in proven market pricing.

  • estibot priced $1,700
  • sold for $35m …………… (202 times the $173,000 Estibot price.)
  • $1,700 X 202 = $343,000.
  • sold for $90m ……………………… (287 times the $313,000 Estibot price.)
  • $1,700 X 287 = $487,900.
  • sold for $500k ………………….. (416 times the Estibot $1,200 price.)
  • $1,700 X 416 = $707,000.

The price of these domains might not be worth it to you if you are a hobbyist looking for a place for your blog. If you are however serious about your business then this is vital information that we strongly urge you to consider.

Contact us for any questions you may have or to discuss how you can easily double (or much more) your business traffic!


Why buy a Large Condo in Rocky Point Mexico, when you can own the whole city for the same price?